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Comprehensive Laser Services

We provide comprehensive laser service on a wide variety of laser makes and models...

At CRC Biomedical Services, it is our customers and their patients who come first! We can help your medical spa, or facility meet it's mission of providing quality cosmetic or surgical services by making sure all your laser service is up to date, and that all your lasers are fully functional and safe. All of our laser repair and services are performed in accordance with local, state, federal, and manufacturer standards.

We advise our clients, and give expert assistance in used medical laser procurement from an objective, third party perspective. We can help you assess your clinical needs, evaluate laser service options, calculate space and power requirements, assist with or carry out laser installations saving you both time and money, and streamlining your maintenance process.

Quality Service

Xeo Laser

At CRC Biomedical we are committed to delivering the highest quality of laser service!

We provide laser repair and maintenance on nearly every make and model of cosmetic and surgical laser. We will work with your staff to ensure your unit functions to full life expectancy, and will continue to offer service even long after the manufacturer ends support. Call us now for a risk free evaluation!

Consultation Services

All laser repair and maintenance service performed by CRC Biomedical, LLC is in accordance with laser service manufacturer service information provided pursuant to 21 CFR 1040.10-11 and 820.170. Because of our highest standards in laser repair and maintenance, we often provide objective expert witness testimony in cases concerning medical adverse events involving lasers, and laser injuries. If you are a lawyer, doctor, or patient seeking a consultation regarding your local, state, or federal medical laser laws, standards, or regulations, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with guidance on voluntary/mandatory reporting of laser injuries, proper laser service guidelines for your device, information regarding laser parts used in repair of your device, or information concerning how your laser was serviced.

Through our involvement with industry agencies like the FDA, META, the National Council on Laser Excellence, and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, we distinguish ourselves amongst our competitors in many ways. Our dedication to health care reform by breaking the monopolization by laser manufacturers on repair and service has the combined effects of reducing repair costs, improving patient safety, and ensuring proper laser operation and longevity of your used medical laser. No other laser servicer will make this claim, nor will they repeat our promise. Our promise to you is that all your equipment will be compliant, safe, and operational in accordance with all local, state, federal, and manufacturer specifications. If for any reason you need our assistance, have an inquiry, or would like to consult us before a laser purchase, after hiring another company for repair, or just to make sure you are receiving what you should, do not hesitate to contact us.

Modalities supported by CRC Biomedical

hair removal lasers, laser lipolysis, skin tightening, fractional, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, acne, tattoo removal, eye surgery, CO2 lasers, argon lasers, yag lasers, holmium lasers, erbium lasers, alexandrite lasers, ventilator repair and servicing, defibrillator repair and servicing, anesthesia repair and servicing, physiological monitor repair and servicing, electrosurgical unit repair and servicing, portable x-ray repair, Rad/Fluoro maintenance, mammography repair, infusion pump repair, ultrasound repair, injector repair, cath lab service and repair, IPL service and repair, handpiece repair, cosmetic laser sales, laser sales, device consultations, medical equipment management plan, expert witness, FDA Form 3500/3500A

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